First United Methodist Churches of Falfurrias and Premont
First United Methodist Churches of Falfurrias and Premont

Upcoming Events


Falfurrias FUMC - Please mark your calendars as appropriate :)


(1) Weekly Bible Study - We began the study on Friday May 18, 2018 and will continue every Sunday from 6pm to 7:30pm in the Falfurrias FUMC Fellowship Hall. As of June 30th 2019 we just finished reading the book of Ruth and about to plunge into 1 Kings, which means we have read and discussed 8 of the 66 books in our Christian Bible. If you have been putting off reading and discussing the bible, cover to cover, here's your chance to jump in and do it with others in your church family :)

All are invited to attend!!


(2) Hands of Hope - Open every Wednesday from 10 an to 2 pm. Contact Rosie at 361-522- 5306 for more information.


(3) Methodist Counselor – Every Wednesday from 1pm to 5pm in the Church Parlor. (Sponsored by Methodist Health Care Ministries - Please contact Richard Sanchez at 361-442-3670 or 361-992-9540 for details)


(4) Purple Door Counselor - Every Tuesday from 9am to 5pm in the Church Nursery.

(Please contact Jenyse Rodrigues for details.  Jenyse can be reached by calling her supervisor, Jennifer Radcliffe-Jones, and asking for Jenyse's cell number.  Jennifer's number is 361-248-3406)


(5) CNA Classes – When in session meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm till done. Meet in the Sunday School Rooms in the back. 

(Sponsored by Los Mestenos. Please contact Crystal at 361-228-3676 for details)


(6) GED Classes When in session meets every Tuesday and Wednesday at 5:40 PM till done.  

(Sponsored by Los Mestenos. Contact Crystal at 361-228-3676 for details)


(See our table in Fellowship hall for more information on Existing Events)


Second Quarter Thoughts the Pastor (04/24/2019)    

Dear Falfurrias Sisters and Brothers in Christ


          Last week we walked in some of the last footsteps of Jesus and tried to imagine what it might have been like to have experienced that Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem on Sunday, that Last Passover Meal he shared with his disciples on Thursday, that betrayal and crucifixion on the cross on Friday and lastly the shock and awe of Christs resurrection on Sunday morning at sunrise. God is so good isn’t he?

          Welcome to "Week One" in the life of Christ’s Church and that new beginning we are each promised thru Jesus’ death and resurrection. Everything in our world today, has had a beginning. Life, books, movies and organizations, etc. have starting points. We know that every life has a birthday, every book has a page one, every movie has an opening scene and every organization has a day when it is founded. Our lives in Jesus Christ have had starting points as well. That special place and time at which our individual spirituality begins to develop and grow. Perhaps for some of us it was Sunday school as a youngster, or our baptism, or our confirmation, or our joining the church, or simply our coming to church because it was a place where we knew that our souls would be fed and where we would find love and acceptance. Everything, including spirituality, has had a beginning.

          The church of Jesus Christ had a starting point as well. However, it did not begin in a way that is of this world, but in a way that is of God’s world, and was ushered in by Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the grave and those days which followed when he lingered among us prior to his Ascension and the Pentecost event that followed.

          Remember as the time came for Jesus to ascend to heaven after his resurrection, the original disciples and many other followers wondered what the future would hold for them. They hoped that God hadn’t brought them this far just to send them back to fishing and tax collecting. Just exactly what was to happen next was worrisome to them. Recall as Jesus ascended, he told them simply to be patient and wait for the Holy Spirit to come, and that when it does came, they would each know what to do.

          Then it happened, just as Jesus promised! On the morning of Pentecost as the twelve, (and probable others), were all huddled together in that upper room, what seemed like a firestorm came upon them. Wind, flame and noise filled the entire place but strangely, they were not afraid. Nor were they scared when the crowds gathered nearby to see the spectacle. They were so filled with the presence of God’s Spirit, that they must have experienced a joy that could not be contained. They all had been somehow changed and empowered from the inside out. Thus our church that had been planted with Christ’s death and resurrection, began to take root and grow.

          Easter was the birthday of the church; the day when it all began. Jesus’ transforming grace was celebrated that Easter Sunday morning at sunrise and later proclaimed to the world during Pentecost. In fact, because of the joy willingly shared that Easter Sunday morning and later during Pentecost, the world would never be the same again either. It too, was being changed from the inside out.

          Thru Christ’s death and resurrection we are all promised an opportunity of new life. A joyful and abundant life, but only if we follow Christ’s teachings, repent and believe in Him. John 10:10 says The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. The idea of having life abundantly might have seemed alien to those who first heard Jesus speak these words because there was so little about their lives that would have been in abundance. At least in terms of what they wanted or needed. Poverty was extreme, cruelty reigned supreme under the rule of Rome. Lastly and sadly, to make matters worse, when the Hebrew people turned to the religious leaders in the Temple and Synagogues for hope, they were told that the blessings of God were only available for those few who earned them by devout living and obedience to the law.

          Jesus came to change all that. Instead of arriving like a thief or bandit, someone whose motives were self-serving, Jesus came to offer the gift of love, unconditional love and the promise that even in difficult times they could experience life not in scarcity, but in the abundance of God’s blessings and grace.

          In some respects, life is different in today’s world. Advances in technology and the human condition have brought improvement to the world around us. But many still face similar challenges to those in biblical times. Today, in the face of personal and social affections, we realize that many of us, do in fact, still experience a life or scarcity; physically, emotionally and spiritually. A life where healing, hope and justice are seeming reserved blessing for others.

          This is "Week One" in the life of our church and we celebrate not only the resurrection of Jesus from the grave, but also our resurrection from a life of scarcity and self-centeredness to a life of abundance, love and joy through Christ’s sacrifice and suffering.

          My prayer for each of you during these Sundays after Easter, is that you will be able to experience the hope of Jesus’ eternal presence, and through love and faith, dedicate each day of your lives to bring hope and justice to those whose paths you might cross, so that you will each know the hope and joy of an abundant life.

God Bless the Church Pastor Lon

The Foundations of First United Methodist Church

Our churches are committed to the following vision for the future:


1. Worship Well

2. Grow Together Spiritually

3. Promote Children & Youth Programs

4. Reach Out to Meet the Needs of our Communities


Come visit us and see how we are working on these visions!

Contact Us


First United Methodist Church of Falfurrias

302 W Allen St

 Falfurrias, TX 78355

 Phone: 361 325-2912



First United Methodist Church of Premont

248 SW 1st Street

P.O. Box 630

Premont, TX  78375

Sunday Worship

Falfurrias UMC - 9:15 a.m.

Premont UMC - 11:30 a.m. 

Children's Sunday School:

Falfurrias @ 9:30 a.m.

Need Counseling?


Pastor Lon is generally in the Pastors Office at Falfurrias FUMC on:

(1) Friday's from 5pm to 6pm and

(2) Saturdays from 1pm to 2pm

You are always welcome to stop by and see if I am here.


If you would like to visit with Pastor Lon...please call 817-907-2284  to to speak with him directly about a meeting time.


You are NOT required to be a member of our church to seek pastoral counseling.

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